GMO Detection Method Database (GMDD) is one part of Shanghai GMO platform, our platform mainly engages in the detection of GMOs, and it provides the following services.
  1. GMO Detection Method Database

    GMDD is a database of GMO detection methods, which provide detailed information of nucleic acid-based methods & protein-based methods, including primer sequences, amplicon length, endogenous reference gene primers, validation information, PCR programs and references etc. Besides, the database also contains information of GMO insertion sequences, certified reference materials.

    Recently, we established a novel bioinformatics method called TranSeq employing the power of NGS technology to investigate the GM events. The comprehensive molecular characteristics of two GM events were revealed with additional unintended insertions comparing with the results from PCR and Southern blotting. Check more via our SCIENTIFIC REPORTS paper.

    By registration, users can submit their own methods and GMO inserted sequences to GMDD. Other browsers could obtain the newly updated information after the web administrator's confirmation. We hope this database would be a platform for researchers exchanging their ideas on GMO detection methods, and could save their time developing or validating GMO detection methods.




  2. GMO Detection Services

    In China, our platform also provide services for GMO content detection, new method validation, detection technique training. For detailed information, please visit