Basic Information                  
Event RF3
Trade Name InVigor Canola
Species Brassica napus (Argentine Canola)
Introduced Trait Herbicide Tolerant, Fertility Restoration
Transformation Method
Transformation Vector pTHW118
Developer Bayer CropScience (Aventis CropScience(AgrEvo))
Introduced Elements
All Known Sequence:
    Molecular Characterization

RF3: 1 insertion (2 copy of T-DNA). One copy contains bar and barstar cassettes, the other is an incomplete one (barstar, T-nos and bar gene, without the translation initiation codon).

Nucleic Acid - Based Method
For Exogenous Gene:
StrategyMethod TypePrimer NameAmpliconProbe TypeValidation InfoStandard
Event-SpecificQualitativeRF3-F / RF3-R284bpNational
QuantitativeRf3-RB3 / Rf3-RB8UnknownTaqMan
KVM084 / DPA165UnknownTaqManYes
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For Endogenous Reference Gene:
Acc. No: X77576 Copy No (haploid): 2-3
Acc. No: AF127919 Copy No (haploid): 1
Acc. No: X59294 Copy No (haploid):
Acc. No: Copy No (haploid):
phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase Acc. No: GQ227671 Copy No (haploid):
Protein - Based Method
Certified Reference Materials
Cat. No. Name Average SD
AOCS 0306-G Rf3 canola % %
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Reference Molecules:
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